Lancia Aurelia B24 COnvertible

Chassis number: 1231
Engine number: B24-1768

By far the best year and specification the Fifth series cars were uprated with stronger engines and transaxles, the 2.5 Litre V6 engine designed under the control of Vittorio Jano is an absolute gem. Fully aluminium construction and extremely modern the engine is a joy to drive and the sound is just a dream. Giving around 120 bhp it certainly does not lack punch when coupled to the light cabriolet bodywork.  Handling of these cars is something to behold, light and nimble they steer extremely well and at the same time are extremely comfortable to drive for long distances.  One of only about 150 cars produced in 1956 the B24 Cabriolet is amongst the must have list for any true Italian car collector.

This car was owned for a very long time by arch Lancia enthusiast and collector Brin Edwards.
About 15 years ago Brin started to carry out a restoration and set about it in his usual methodical style, starting with the running gear and gearbox, then moving on to the bodywork and trim etc, followed by a total engine rebuild be renowned Lancia expert, Peter Harding.  Many, many years ago I used to work for Peter and I can say quite happily, that Peter’s quality control is without question, so expect it to go very well indeed.
Toward the end of Brin’s life, he lost sight of the finished goal however and started to sell off the parts belonging to this car that were not already fitted and so things got dispatched to the far corners of the globe.  Luckily for the B24, the car was sold soon after Brin’s death and it was snapped up by another Lancia enthusiast who set about tracking down all of the missing parts and pleading for their (very expensive and time consuming) return.  Most parts are now back with the car and it only really needs the finishing touches doing before it is ready for the road again.  The engine runs well as you would expect and the car can actually be driven easily. However it does need final finishing.

If it wasn’t for that dreaded nemesis “Time” the current owner would surely finish it and sell it for a really handsome profit. However time is pressing and both he and I are prioritising on customers cars now and have no time to complete this fantastically deserving project.

More info and photos upon request
Asking price: Over to you, next owner.  Make us an offer close to 330.000 Euros and it’s yours.
Try to find a good one under 450.000 euros and you will know what I mean.