Lancia 1Z (Project)

1916 WW 1 Armoured car project

The Lancia 1Z armoured car was built by Ansaldo of Italy starting in 1916 based on a Lancia truck, which its self was based on the Lancia Theta / Kapa range. The armoured car was an advanced design for its day.
The vehicle was equipped with twin turret mounted machine guns. The first 6 vehicles 1-Z as opposed to the later 1-ZM featured a further small turret on top with yet another machine gun. This gave the vehicle considerable firepower for the time.
Having had good results with the early car, another production run of a slightly modified version (the Lancia 1ZM) or "Model 1918" was ordered. The major difference between the 1Z and 1ZM was that the 1ZM did not have the top turret with the extra machine gun.
The Lancia 1ZM was the second batch of Ansaldo-Lancia armoured cars built. 110 cars of the improved model were ordered in 1917 and all were delivered before the end of 1918. Sometimes difficult to identify from the original Lancia 1Z ("Model 1916"), the most obvious difference is the removal of the top machine gun turret. This left the 1ZM with just the one larger, twin machine gun turret.
A few obsolete Lancia 1Z/1ZM armoured cars were still in use with the Italian Royal Army during World War II. In 1940 and 1941, several vehicles served with the Royal Army during the East African Campaign. In some instances, operable machines were also pressed into service by other Axis forces. In the service of the forces of Nazi Germany, the vehicle was identified as the Panzerspähwagen 1ZM.
As far as is possible to ascertain, there is only one Lancia 1-Z still in existence, this is in a museum in Rome, Italy and is believed to be a 1-ZM derivative.

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