Touring Retro Day

Touring Wegenhulp (the ANWB of the Netherlands, the AA of the UK) organises every year a 'retro day' to invite their VIP guest, business relations and big customers to a 'special' event. This year, they came up with the plan to organise it on the grounds of the beautiful castle of Edingen, To top last years edition, something even more exclusive had to happen. With close cooperation with the private school of Fashion from Brussels, they decided to have a Fashion show. All clothing would be designed per era to start with the 1900's up to the 1980's. They searched classic bespoke automobiles to support the clothes and vice versa. We were happy we could help with supporting them with a wonderful '20s 4.5l High chassis Invicta, a fabulous '30s Alfa Romeo 6c 1750 Testafissa, the striking '40s Talbot Lago T26C and the more than elegant '50 Ferrari 250GT Boano. Not only cars were packed in the truck, also a selection of motorbikes we have in the showroom and original Belgian motorbikes from a helpful collector were brought in. 

With the gardens open for every classic car enthusiast, the event can be called a big success. A lot of cars were parked and people enjoyed the jazz band very well. 

Wondering, what they want to do next year!