Spa Six Hours 16-18 September 2016

Chantilly Concours D'elegance Petrolicous

Some say Spa-Francorchamps is the most beautiful racing circuit in the world and we must agree. With his curvy slopes, the raiddillon, Kemmel straight and the very tricky chicane, it is wonderful to watch as a spectator. Try to imagine you racing on this circuit with a stunning original Talbot Lago T26C... indeed, heaven!

That same Talbot Lago was raced by Etancelin in period, in the first Fomula 1 race in Spa Francorchamps. But this time, it did finish and how! First in class and driving over the finish line among Maserati 250F's, a Ferrari Dino and beautiful Coopers. We are convinced!

We will see you next year!