Interclassics Brussel 16-18 November 2017

This year, we had a slightly bigger stand than last year. This was opposite the main exhibition named 'the Big Five' which featured the five most important automotive museums in West-Europe. LouwmanTorrinoAutoworldMulhouse and Beauilieu each of which exhibited 3 of their beauties. 

We took eight stunning beauties, all available for you to buy. But as the cherry on the cake, we had a big surprise for you. In cooperation with the Beaulieu museum and our sister company Formhalls Engineering, we exhibited the front engine from the Sunbeam 1000HP Landspeed Record car. This had two engines, the back one is almost fully restored and shortly it will be time to restore the front one. 22.4Litres of V12 glory but neither of these engines have been run since the late 30's. In order to let it shine again, we designed and constructed a 1/1 scale silhouette in Plexiglass of the Sunbeam and displayed the engine in its correct position. Beaulieu liked it so much, our silhouette will be shown in the museum close to the real car in order to take photos of you sitting in the car.