Acquisition Formhalls Vintage & Racing

Wommelgem, Januari 2017
Historic Competition Services (HCS) announces the acquisition of the majority of the shares of Formhalls Vintage and Racing (Formhalls),
says Julian Messent owner of HCS.
To accommodate the rapid growth of HCS, we were looking to expand the business. Having worked with Terry Formhalls successfully over more than 20 years, and Terry looking for a next step for his well-established company, it was only natural to take this step. Formhalls unique life-time guarantee in white-metalling and strength in engine building means both HCS and Formhalls can continue to grow and prosper. Julian will work together with the team of Formhalls, including Terry and Charles Tanner continuing the focus on high quality and timely delivery.
Julian Messent states: ”I have been working with Formhalls for over 20 years, and I have always wanted to do something together. Their quality and craftsmanship is unparalleled in the industry, and I am truly excited about this step.”
Terry Formhalls adds: ”This is a deal made in heaven for me. I always wanted the company to continue when I would be stepping back. There is so much love and knowledge in the company, I didn’t want to see that go away. I will of course continue to help and work for the foreseeable future, but I am happy continuity is guaranteed”.
About Historic Competition Services
HCS is a rapidly growing company, located in Wommelgem near Antwerp in Belgium, catering for the individuals that want to use their cars in vintage rallying, racing or other roadwork. Julian Messent founded HCS to provide a full service ranging from car maintenance, race and rally service, engine and gearbox rebuilding, performance and usability improvements to full restoration. With a focus on the heydays of vintage cars (1925 – 1955), HCS brings all the experience one requires for high-class and high performance motoring. Although HCS was founded less than 2 years ago, Julian Messent and his team bring many decades of experience and deep knowledge.
About Formhalls Vintage and Racing
Formhalls offers a unique service to the classic car industry. With unparalleled knowledge of white metaling, Formhalls is able to offer a lifetime guarantee on their white metaling, something nobody else is able to offer. Furthermore, Formhalls is a fully equipped engine building company, focusing on quality and timely delivery. Formhalls is a partner of the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, and as a testimony of their high-end work, Formhalls has helped them rebuild nearly all the engines of their land speed record cars.
Historic Competition Services, Belgium
Formhalls Vintage Engineering, England,